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  • We handle projects big and small
  • We handle projects big and small
  • We handle projects big and small
  • We handle projects big and small
  • We handle projects big and small
  • We handle projects big and small

Key Projects


Tata Motors have chosen GE Lighting as their Lighting partner for their Signages.

As their Showrooms & Service centers are located widely across India . They wanted a reliable product with less maintenance. With GE Modules we can proudly say that, failure ratio is less than 1% for last 4 years .

Product Used – Tetra MiniMax

Spykar, a prominent clothing brand was searching one point solution for their signage requirement.

With GE , we not only provide them Lighting Solution but also provide GE authorized Signage vendor spread across India..

Product Used – Tetra MiniMax White & Red

HPCL is having their Petrol pumps majorly in remote area like Highway or Industrial locations. They were in need of product which can sustain in rough environment.

GE Lighting helps them to have smooth running signage across India.

Product Used – GE tetra Max HO

Big Brands like KFC always keen to standardized their signage. By standardizing their signage with reliable product like GE , they can concentrate on their core business with no worries about performance of Signage.

Product Used – GE tetra Max HO

In year 2014, Enrich decided to undergo rebranding. Major challenges in this project were timeline as they wanted to complete 70 stores rebranding in timeline of 30 days. With GE Led we not only supported them on lighting part but also help them to successfully execute this project by coordinating with vendors across India before deadline.

Product Used – GE tetra Minimax

Global apparel Brand Jack & Jones were facing lots of issue in their signage like Dark Spots , diming out whole signage , color variation.

We offer them solution for all their problem with our global product which is backed with 5 years of warranty.

Now they have changed their all signage into GE LED pan India.

Product Used – GE tetra Max HO

Bata chose GE LEDs to ensure the constant illumination thus enhancing the Brand image.

Product Used – GE tetra Max Red


Carnival Cinemas took over BIG Cinema in year 2015, So they wanted to run rebranding campaign across India for almost 150 locations PAN India.

With GE’s unmatched product quality & skilled Signage Vendor they are running their rebranding across India smoothly.

Product Used – GE tetra Max Red


They initially used Local modules for illumination their signages and soon realized, the brand image was non uniform. GE helped them to standardize their signages with GE tetra Max HO. Chroma has also chosen GE as their solution provider for uniform illumination of sinages.

Product Used – GE tetra Max HO


India’s promising real estate brand Kanakia choose GE for their all SKY Signage. Sky Signage is exposed to extreme weather condition like Sunlight , heavy rain & moister. Hence lighting of Sky signage is always critical part.

With our IP 66 rated modules purpose can be served easily.

Product Used – GE tetra Max Red, GE Tetra Max HO.


Samsung were relaying on Converter for lighting part of signage. But as they were having multiple vendor across India for their Signage . Everyone was using different material giving different looks across India.

So they decide to standardize their signage with GE LED to achieve uniform brand look PAN India.

Product Used – GE Tetra MiniMax


JSM corp. is very keen about their brand identity.  Past 2 years, they have chosen and specified GE  in all their projects for illumination of their signages. We have assisted them even in global projects.

Product Used – GE tetra Max Red, GE tetra Max Warm White


Raymond is a leading apparel brand which also focused on its brand image. They wants their signage to be lit with the branded led modules. They have choosen GE Led for their signages for their brands like (ParkAvenue/Colorplus/RR)

Product Used – GE tetraMinimax MS for Colorplus, GE TetraMinimax for ParkAvenue


Lifestyle is a international brand of Landmark group. They used to use the Local make led modules where they have realized the failures in lifestyle signage's where effecting the brand image. GE Led modules are specified in their signage's across PAN India for their signage's.

Product Used – GE PowerMax, GE Minimax MS


Starbucks Corporation is an American coffee company & a coffee house chain. The star bucks as an MNC want its signage's to be lit with the branded Led modules where they have specified GE as their Led for their signages.

Product Used – GE TetraMax HO


The Phoenix group tried GE with one of their minor projects in their Phoenix Market city Mall, Kurla. They were satisfied enough choose GE as their lighting solution for most of their signages. 

Product Used – GE tetra Max Red, GE tetra Max HO


A German pharmaceutical brand, Covestro, choose GE lightings to be their assistance for illuminating their signages at their plant in Ankleshwer.

Product Used – GE tetra Power Max.


MNGL is a Indian largest gas supplier who have specified GE Led in their signage for the Quality light output for longer years to save at their maintenance issues and uniformity light output across India.

Product Used – GE TetraMax HO